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About Alfredo Cardoso Lda

Alfredo Cardoso Lda, is one of the largest European manufacturers of lifting and handling equipment.

This outstanding position was achieved due to the effort applied in the study and constant development of more advanced solutions in oil-hydraulic systems.

More than 90 years of experience in light metalworking and hydraulic metal mechanics combined with the constant investment in human resources and the use of the most up-to-date solutions for the mounting and production development allows to provide our customers with innovative solutions adapted to their needs.

The equipment Alfredo Cardoso Lda find application in fields that range from the simple vertical transport of loads to stages for showrooms, through the transposition of architectural barriers in buildings.


YEAR 1924

Founded by Mr. Alfredo Cardoso of “Fundição União de Lordelo” was dedicated to the construction of textile machinery.

YEAR 1944

The company is transformed into “Alfredo Cardoso e Cª Lda”.

YEAR 1946

Already by the hands of its followers, begins the manufacture of automatic looms.

YEAR 1960

In collaboration with a German company, Textilmachinemfabrik Valentim, another step is taken towards the manufacture of automatic weaving equipment.

YEAR 1970

A new product line is being developed: hydraulic presses and oil-hydraulic components.

YEAR 1973

The manufacture of equipment for the textile industry is completely abandoned and the production of oil-hydraulic equipment is consolidated.

YEAR 1980

Constant research and modernization have opened the way for a manufacturing line of lifting equipment. Lifting platforms, scissor tables and dock levelers

YEAR 1997

Participation in projects promoted by the European Community under the “Brite Euram” program under the theme “Enhanced design of high pressure gear pumps using environmentally acceptable fluids (ECOPUMP)”. In this project Alfredo Cardoso Lda participated in collaboration with Spanish, English, German and Italian companies.

YEAR 1998

Participation in a project promoted by the “European Union” under the “GROWTH” program, with the theme “Enhanced design and manufacturing of mini-hydraulic products – MINIHAP”, intended for restricted mobility. In this project, English, German, German, Spanish and Italian companies collaborate with Alfredo Cardoso Lda.

YEAR 2002

Development of the “CE” certification process for the entire production range, in collaboration with CATIM – “Technological Support Center for the Metal and Mechanical Industry”.

YEAR 2013

Zona Industrial da Maia – was the Alfredo Cardoso Lda choice to increase the manufacturing unit, thus achieving even faster response to the needs of the national and international market.

YEAR 2019

Repositioning of the image and reinforcement of the brand in the market with the name Alfredo Cardoso Lda, in honor of the 95 years of commemoration of the foundation of the company and its founder.

YEAR 2021

Change of facilities of the company Alfredo Cardoso Lda.

Expansion of the industrial area from 3000 m2 to 8000 m2 and its relocation to Grijó in Vila Nova de Gaia.


Our Values

  • Accomplish with all legal requirements in our area.
  • Recognize the value of our employees continuously, using motivation as the main point.
  • Constantly improving products and services to our customers and continually evaluating their satisfaction.

Our Goals

  • Being the leader in the lifting design and manufacture and transport equipments and systems;
  • Satisfyed customers, suppliers and employees at the highest level;
  • Getting highest competition on quality of our products and services in all markets.



Headquarters – Lugar de Murracezes de Cima, Rua de Murracezes 468, 4415-490 Grijó, Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal

South Delegation – Zona Grande Lisboa

Rua Lopes Mendonça, nº 6 B,

2800-696 Pragal – Portugal

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