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Alfredo Cardoso Lda, values the privacy and personal data of its customers and users that use its web platform. For this reason, the Privacy Policy Alfredo Cardoso Lda is presented in a simple way so that the users understand in a succinct and clear way, the purpose of the personal data collected through the form present in the website

The Privacy Policy is based on compliance with the new European Data Protection General Regulations, which will enter into force on May 25, 2018.

Alfredo Cardoso Lda is the company responsible for the processing of personal data received and collected through the website By using the contact form present on the website, the user accepts and consents his / her personal information such as his / her name, surname, e-mail address or other personal data that the user consider necessary and submitted through form for the purposes of contact and response by Alfredo Cardoso Lda.

1. Responsible for receiving and processing data

Alfredo Cardoso Lda

Street Eng.º António Ricca Gonçalves, 170 Zona Industrial da Maia, Sector VIII, 4475 – 298 Gemunde, Maia

Telephone: 229748669

Fax: 229748671


NIF: 500015341 

2. Purpose of personal data

Alfredo Cardoso Lda uses the personal data collected through the web platform with the purpose of identifying the user and providing detailed information regarding the questions and questions posted by the user through the contact form on the website Alfredo Cardoso Lda. The Alfredo Cardoso Lda, commites itself not to assign, share, transmit or sell to third parties, the personal data of the user submitted through the form on the web platform Alfredo Cardoso Lda, except your use only in response to the questions of the user / customer and just to provide an efficient service by Alfredo Cardoso Lda, regarding the assistance or support from the user / client. In case you want to receive e-mail marketing notifications, subscribe to the newsletter Alfredo Cardoso Lda or receive information of an informative or commercial nature, you must give your consent by selecting the option “I accept to subscribe to the Alfredo Cardoso Lda newsletter and notifications of email marketing “through the form in the web platform of Alfredo Cardoso Lda.

* Check subscription conditions in section 2.1

2.1 Newsletter Subscriptions

If you authorize the subscription of Newsletter – Alfredo Cardoso Lda, you accept and consent to receive information from Alfredo Cardoso Lda related to its products and services, through different means, such as electronic mail or other electronic means of communication ( text message, etc.). The subscription of Newsletter Alfredo Cardoso Lda may involve the use of personal data in order to carry out a personalized promotion of Alfredo Cardoso Lda such as products and services by electronic e-mail, text message or any other means of contact used by Alfredo Cardoso Lda (commercial department, marketing, financial, etc.). The user may at any time cancel the subscription of the Newsletter Alfredo Cardoso Lda or the e-mail marketing notification of Alfredo Cardoso Lda through the email:

(see section 3).

3. User Rights

Alfredo Cardoso Lda commites itself to respect the confidentiality of the user’s personal data and to guarantee the exercise of their rights. The user can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending an electronic e-mail indicating the reason for:

The user has the right any time to – request the cancellation, elimination or non-use of the treatment of their personal data that gave consent to the Alfredo Cardoso Lda according to the purpose in which they were requested, via form on the website Alfredo Cardoso Lda.

4. Deadline for the use of personal data

The deadline for the conservation of personal data by the Alfredo Cardoso Lda depends on the purpose of the same according to the following cases:

4.1 Personal data received through the form present on the website for the purpose of requesting information, support, doubt, support, etc… The Alfredo Cardoso Lda will maintain and treat personal data for as long as the user considers necessary to fulfill the requests, doubts or other reasons presented by the user through the form on the website Alfredo Cardoso Lda or until when the user to cancel or delete your personal data.

4.2 Personal data received through the form and that accept receiving e-mail marketing notifications.

Alfredo Cardoso Lda will maintain and process personal data for as long as the user considers necessary and until when the user decides to cancel the subscription to the newsletter, e-mail marketing notifications, commercial information or any other information related to the products and services of Alfredo Cardoso Lda.

5. Changes to the Privacy Policy

For reasons that Alfredo Cardoso Lda deems appropriate or necessary to the privacy and security of the user, the Privacy Policy may be modified at any time. For this reason, the user may receive a message via e-mail, text message or other means about information about changes to this Privacy Policy. However, Alfredo Cardoso Lda encourages users who interact with their web platform to review the Alfredo Cardoso Lda Privacy Policy from time to time and to make sure that changes have been made to it.

6. Privacy Policy Update

May 29, 2018



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