ACL – Alfredo Cardoso & Cª, Lda.

ACL – Alfredo Cardoso & Cª, Lda, is one of the largest European manufacturers of lifting and handling equipment.

This outstanding position was achieved due to the effort applied in the study and constant development of more advanced solutions in oil-hydraulic systems.

More than 90 years of experience in light metalworking and hydraulic metal mechanics combined with the constant investment in human resources and the use of
the most up-to-date solutions for the mounting and production development allows to provide our customers with innovative solutions adapted to their needs.

The equipment Alfredo Cardoso & Cª, Lda find application in fields that range from the simple vertical transport of loads to stages for showrooms, through
the transposition of architectural barriers in buildings.

Our goals…

– Being the leader in the lifting design and manufacture and transport equipments and systems;
– Satisfyed customers, suppliers and employees at the highest level;
– Getting highest competition on quality of our products and services in all markets.

Our values…

–  Accomplish with all legal requirements in our area.
– Recognize the value of our employees continuously, using motivation as the main point.
– Constantly improving products and services to our customers and continually evaluating their satisfaction.